How much are you paying for your Hosted Dialler?

Getting a Hosted Dialler is a great way to start up a small Contact Centre. Gone are the days where start-ups are having to spend 5 figure sums on Dialler Hardware before ever making a call.

If you have a Hosted Dialler, have you recently checked out whether you are on a good deal or not?

Are you paying 1p or 2p per minute for Hosted Dialler to Agent calls?

This kind of charge is largely being eliminated from the marketplace, if you are paying anything for Dialler to Agent calls when your agents are using a softphone (like xlite, eyebeam, zoiper) you are being taken for a ride. These calls are free if they are SIP or IAX calls between your Hosted PBX and your office, in my experience unscrupulous Dialler suppliers will profiteer by charging for these calls. If your agents are working from phones connected to a wired phone line or PBX, this charge is fair as the call between the Hosted Dialler and the agent when the agent logs in goes over the telecoms network.

How much are your outbound phone calls costing?

It is still shocking to see some Dialler providers advertising rates of 8p per minute for calls to mobiles. Wholesale costs for calls to mobiles have fallen dramatically over the past year. If you are paying more than 3p per minute for calls to a mobile and more than 1p per minute for calls to landlines then, again, you are being taken for a ride!

Are you paying a Per Agent Per Month cost?

The Hosted Dialler that I supply is not licensed, so adding extra agents does not mean buying additional, expensive licenses. I have heard horror stories of Contact Centres paying fees upwards of £100 per month per seat for their Hosted Dialler, this is before any call charges and includes minimal Dialler support and in many cases, an unstable Dialler that is often “down” or “not in service”.

What is a reasonable fee to pay for renting a seat on a Hosted Dialler? The provider needs to cover their costs for hosting your Dialler. The costs to a provider like ourselves are purchasing the Dialler Hardware itself and the Hosting costs for hosting these servers in a Data Centre, this would typically be a few hundred pounds per month. If you are a 20 seat Contact Centre paying £100 per agent seat per month, you are likely to be making somebody else a lot of money!

Is Dialler Support included in the costs? What does this support even cover?

Dialler Support is often a grey area, does anybody really know what their Dialler Support actually covers. If you need some data importing, will your Support Team do that for you? If you need a report emailing to you every day, will your Support Team build that for you? Typically the answer to these questions is no. Dialler Support generally covers you for those incidents that cause your Dialler to stop working, to break, to stop dialling numbers. You usually get a number to call if your system isn’t working, the day to day administration and development of the system is left to the customer themselves.

Our customers enjoy day to day administration, reports, web form and wallboard building and support if anything breaks all included as Dialler Support. We like to keep our customers happy and productive.

If you are looking for a better Hosted Dialler solution or looking to get your first Hosted Dialler then please take a look at our packages and contact us today.