How to set-up a call centre – a quick checklist

The advancements in technology over the past decade or so has opened up a lot of doors for business people and entrepreneurs  – who now have access to a much wider range of different business models. Call centres, for instance, used to be an expensive undertaking, but with telephony technology now becoming much more accessible and affordable, call centres have become a popular and rewarding business proposition.

BA Tech are at the forefront of this movement, offering a range of services to new call centres as well as more established operations.

If you are thinking about setting up a new call centre, we have created a quick checklist below of everything you need to consider to make your business a success.

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Setting up a call centre

The basic aspects of a call centre you need to have in place straight away are:

  • Agents
  • Telephone system
  • Call centre software


Recruiting call centre agents

It is important to consider whether you will be able to recruit good, experienced call centre staff in the area you choose to locate your call centre. Are there competitors in the area? What employment benefits do they offer? Can you offer similar or better employment rates within the requirements of your business model?

Like all businesses, call centres can become dependent on good, well-motivated and talented staff – so make sure you have a plan in place to attract the agents you need.

Telephone system

A call centre is going to be a pretty quiet place without a telephone system! Decisions will need to be made on everything –  from whether to use cloud-based or hosted diallers and PBX’s through to what headsets your agents are going to use. BA Tech’s experienced staff can help you through this decision-making process so that you can settle on a scalable solution that fits with your budget and business objectives.

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Call centre software

Similar to your choice of telephone system, choosing the right software to use in your call centre is an important decision. Again, there is a big decision regarding choosing cloud-based software applications or hosted options. If you are planning on holding customer data on your systems you also need to make sure you comply with the Data Protection Act.

We use highly functional open source software, so our systems come with no added license costs and are a fraction of the price of proprietary software.

Other important aspects to consider

As well as getting the above essentials in place, there are other aspects required to make sure your call centre is a success.

These include:

Setting business objectives and processes

A clear business plan and universal set of internal and external processes is paramount. Processes need to be well documented so they can be executed effectively with minimal friction, and everything needs to feed back to your main business objectives.

This can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but you will reap the benefits in the long-run. We recommend using fully integrated call scripting and CRM tools to organise the flow of information around your call centre – whether you have five agents or five hundred.

Ultimately, before setting up a Dialler system you will need to have a clear sales process that starts with making an initial call to getting paid for the sale made.

Establishing critical KPIs and measurement processes

The question of how you track and measure performance is critical – what KPIs are you going to use to determine success and productivity? Once these are determined, what is the best way to track them on an ongoing basis?

We can provide daily emailed reports detailing each of your agents performance against your chosen metrics.  We can also colour code this so that you can see at a glance which agents are performing well, or not so well!

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