7 top tips to being a great call centre manager


A call centre can be a very stressful environment, however, this can be helped by having a great manager.

Managers undoubtedly pave the way for a successful call centre and here are our top tips for being the best manager possible:

  1. Make it a great working environment

Satisfaction is very important in the call centre industry, but this doesn’t stop at the customers, employees should be satisfied throughout their day.

A happy, positive call centre worker will work more efficiently and be more productive, and more importantly, their positive attitude will rub off on the customer. To try and make the environment as happy as possible, a manager should provide positive feedback (where necessary) and be sure to motivate their staff.

  1. Be a leader

Being a call centre manager is a big responsibility. They essentially lead the team of supervisors and agents. To be a great leader, you should ensure that you are there to guide your staff, answer questions they have and as mentioned above, motivate them.

A good idea is to hold a short meeting (5 or 10 minutes) every morning, not only to get them ‘pumper’ for the day, but to give staff an opportunity to raise any questions or queries they have.

  1. Get feedback from your staff

Call centre agents are the ones that have the most contact with customers, so a manager should get feedback from them regularly.

This can be beneficial for many reasons: it can give the manager ideas on how to do things better, it can help a manager know more about the competition, and it can also make the agents feel like their voice is being heard and that their opinions matter, which makes for a happier staff member.

  1. Stay up to date with technology

Technology is changing and evolving all the time, so a manager of a call centre should always be keeping their eyes on what’s working and what isn’t in terms of technology.

Not only will this make sure the company is always up to date with programmes and equipment, but if something isn’t working you’ll be able to spot it early and fix this issue before it creates a bigger problem.

  1. Review workforce management

A call centre manager should take the time out to ensure that there is enough staff to meet the demands of the workload.

The important thing is to not be under-staffed when the demand is high, and not to be over-staffed in quieter times. Though it is sometimes hard to know when there will be spikes in call volume, you can look at past data to work out any patterns.

To avoid being over-staffed during ‘normal’ working days just in case a spike occurs, things like having a call-back system will help to reduce queue times and reduce the need for extra staff.

  1. Get involved

Picking up a phone and taking on the role of a call centre agent will help give a manager a better understanding of what goes on daily in the workplace.

Also, if a manager experiences difficulties whilst doing so, it allows them to make changes and tweak strategies.

Also, being seen ‘getting your hands dirty’ will generate respect from your staff.

  1. Reward your employees

Call centres can be difficult places to work, and if employees are not engaged they tend to be less efficient. A manager should actively engage their agents and reward them in ways that are meaningful to them.

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