Speech Analytics is growing in popularity in UK call centres

Speech Analytics involves analysing recorded calls in order to gather information and therefore help companies improve their services.

Previously, many companies found it too costly to record all calls and assessing the information was a time consuming manual job.

However, with speech analytics software, the data from recorded calls is done automatically.

There are a number of benefits to speech analytics which is why the software is growing in popularity.

A survey carried out by Business Systems found that 6% of call centres are using speech analytics to analyse their calls.

More than three-quarters of the survey respondents are using some form of call recording today, which has been around since the 1980’s.

Business Systems also noted that call recording allowed contact centres to eliminate unnecessary procedures.

Quality monitoring applications, which automate the process of evaluation, are used by around a third of contact centres.

Advanced technology like speech analytics can also help to improve the way contact centres select which calls to evaluate.

Digital communication has changed the customer service landscape over the last decade.

Consumers are inclined to make contact via email or social media, rather than using the phone.

The digital culture means consumers expect fast, accurate responses. This makes it compelling for contact centres to have a means of monitoring, tracking and responding to digital interactions.

There is a need from contact centres for integrated monitoring software – a means of monitoring and evaluating calls as well as all digital interactions via a single platform.

Many respondents to the survey stated that they were currently researching their options with a view to implementing the necessary technology as soon as possible.

Those contact centres currently functioning without a QM system due to lack of resource, budget or a belief that the technology will be under-utilised, may find it an opportune time to reassess whether their needs can now be met following some of the latest technology developments.

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