AMD Gateway

B.A. Tech’s very own custom-made Answer Machine Detection Gateway acts to improve productivity by reducing the number of answer machines and voicemails passed to your agents. This reduces the number of false positives as compared to the built-in Asterisk AMD, while also providing visibility on invalid numbers which Vicidial will normally disposition as a No Answer – so no more agent time spent dialling wrong numbers!

Our AMD Gateway will detect 70-80% of all answer machines currently passed to your agents. So, if you want to work out whether the AMD Gateway is for you, run the outbound calling report from your Vicidial reporting section and see how long your agents have spent dealing with answer machines over the last month of dialling. Our AMD Gateway will reduce that time by at least 70%!

All that’s required to start using out AMD Gateway is a one-off fee for the onsite equipment and installation, plus monthly licensing costs depending on the number of required channels.

To find out more and to discuss your businesses needs in more detail, call us on 0844 870 2913 or request a callback.