What are the benefits of a hosted dialler?

Whilst hosted diallers have many of the same features you’d expect from any other standard dialer, such as call recording, dialling modes, database integration and report generation, there are many features that set them apart.

Cost Effective

Most hosted diallers are operated on a pay-as-you-go basis. Some are even hosted on open-source software that is relatively cheap to set-up and maintain.

The call charges are often lower because in many cases it isn’t necessary to have a land line.  Calls can be carried out on an uncompressed VoIP, meaning you pay around 1p per minute for calls to UK landlines.

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How to Reduce Average Call Handling Time

stopwatch timeThe last thing you want is for your agents to rush through their calls with customers and diminish the high level of service they provide. That said, in order for a call-centre to operate efficiently and meet targets, you need to ensure that your agents are handling queries and finding solutions swiftly and effectively so that they can move on to the next call.

There are a number of strategies you can use to reduce the average handling time of the agents in your call centre.  Here are a few tips and ideas taken from call centre managers and operators.

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When is the Best Time to Make Outbound Sales Calls?

time to callOutbound calling companies and their staff can often be faced with a difficult challenge when choosing the best time to make outbound sales calls.

With many people relying on mobile communication, and people balancing work and home life, screening calls has become a lot easier. However, there are some ways to make outbound calling more effective for your company.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best practices for making outbound sales calls…

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A guide to Call Blending – what it is, how it works and what the benefits are…

call blending

Call blending refers to technology which allows staff to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls through the same system.

In the past, older systems have resulted in long caller waiting times as call centre staff log in and out of the two different ports. However, call blending has resulted in a much quicker process where productivity is increased and caller waiting times are significantly lowered.

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Top tips for effective call centre scripting

call centre agent

One of the biggest challenges facing a call centre is getting the scripting right.

A good script can make or break your campaign, with most successful telemarketing campaigns using an effective script to provide a consistent tone and message – as well as guiding agents and preparing them for all potential questions they may be asked.

When choosing a script, it is important to first of all decide whether the particular campaign you are running would be better served with a word-for-word script or general outline of a call flow – or even a combination of the two.

Below we’ve listed our top tips to ensure you make the right decisions when it comes to using scripts in your call centre.

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How does a predictive dialler work?

A predictive dialler is an intelligent outbound call processing system which uses complex mathematical algorithms to predict when to dial

The job of the predictive dialler is therefore to minimise the amount of time agents spend between calls, as well as lessen the occurrence of someone answering when an agent isn’t available.

Here’s a couple of examples to help you better understand how a predictive dialler works and what benefits it can bring:

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